Indoors // お家で遊ぶ

Usually we spend time outdoors as much as possible, and I love to explore the nature with the kids. But when it comes to indoor play, I usually let the kids play by theirselves, and while doing housework I love to listen to what kind of world they are creating. Sometimes we do yoga together, or dance – whatever makes them laugh!

Today we drank butterfly pea tea with lemon, and the kids were all excited about the tea changing it's color from blue to purple. Such small things can be so much fun for them! I think I must find new experiments to try with my little chemists!

My son has loved books since he was a baby, and still loves to read now that he can do it himself. His sister then, would never pay attention to books when she was little, but nowadays she likes to listen to her brother reading, and sometimes he even teaches her to read.

While her brother reads books, she likes to do puzzles! It's something that was always her thing, and now her brother has started to like puzzles too. It's so interesting how different they are since birth, and how they teach each other new things all the time, although they have been together all their lives. I love moments when I find them together, concentrated on a book or a puzzle.

Tomorrow, my son said that he wants to make cookies, so cookies it is!



今日はおやつの時間に一緒にバタフライビーティーにレモンを入れて、色が青から紫へと変わるのを子供たちが「すごい! 実験楽しい〜」と喜んでいました。最近ちょっとした化学ブームになっているので、家でできる実験を色々調べる予定!



(因みに息子は図鑑が好きで沢山持っているけど、その中でもオススメなのが次の写真に写っている 「グレートネイチャー生きものの不思議大図鑑」図鑑の中の写真が迫力があってとても綺麗!)