Some warmth to the winter // 冬でも暖かいストール

This winter I have been kept warm by the Concord shawl by MATO by MARLMARL. With 100% cotton it's very light and soft, but still so warm to be wrapped in on chilly days. It has little buttons to it can be used as a nursing cape (how I wish I had a breathable cape like this when my kids still nursed! I still remember how they were covered in sweat and milk...) 

Despite to it's lightness, the shawl is surprisingly large, so it's perfect for using as a blanket when the kids fall asleep in the stroller or on a train. Earlier I used to carry a little blanket with me – just in case the kids feel cold or need a shade from the sun – but now I have one with me anywhere I go, softly wrapped around my neck.

I bet this will be an item to love all year round!

この冬私にとって手放せないアイテムとなっているのは MATO by MARLMARL のConcord shawl。私はストールとして使っているのですが、実は授乳ケープとしても使えるのです!  (まだ授乳していた頃こんなに通気性の良いケープが欲しかった! いつも汗だくで一生懸命飲んでくれていたな〜)