A day on the green

Heading out on Sunday morning, we were surprised to find the weather had cooled and soft rain was falling. Summer, it seemed, was finally over. 

When we became parents, we embraced the Scandinavian philosophy, “there’s no bad weather, only bad clothes”. This means that we try to spend time outdoors every day, no matter how wet or cold the weather might be. Our son, Aio, may be too small to hold an umbrella in the rain, but he knows if he wears his raincoat, he’s free to explore the world.

He was in his little raincoat when we arrived for the MarlMarl 7th Anniversary celebration at Sharegreen Aoyama.

carousel and people holding umbrellasSharegreen is a beautiful green oasis with a yummy cafe, a nursery of plants and a spacious lawn for relaxing. It’s a unique space that makes you feel like you might be in LA or Sydney - anywhere but the hustle of Tokyo. 

food trucks Even with the rain, the event was next level. If you think of all the elements of a cool kids’ party - great music, good food, space to run and play – then add more fun stuff that kids love, like bubbles, clowns, arts & crafts & a merry-go-round – you’ll get an idea of how special the day was.

Especially once the clouds cleared, Aio’s raincoat came off and all the children came out to play.

woman with toddler smilingNow I just hope we don’t have to wait another seven years for the next one…

Liz x

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